Running UniFi Controller as a Docker Container

Project status: complete


Running UniFi as a Container

We use the (as of Dec 2016) most popular Docker image. The source code for the container is on Github.

We start by creating the folders to keep the persistent volumes:

$ mkdir -p ~/docker-data/unifi/lib
$ mkdir -p ~/docker-data/unifi/log
$ mkdir -p ~/docker-data/unifi/run
$ cd ~
$ sudo docker run -e TZ=Canada/Pacific \
  -v $PWD/data/unifi/lib:/var/lib/unifi \
  -v $PWD/data/unifi/log:/var/log/unifi \
  -v $PWD/data/unifi/run:/var/run/unifi \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  --net=host -d jacobalberty/unifi:latest